Employment Opportunities 

Thank you for your interest in serving at Faith Baptist Schools. At this time, there are no positions available for the upcoming school year.  

Professional Qualifications Required
Viable candidates must have a passion for Christian education. This will be evident through a track record in college both on and off campus, through one's professional career, as well as through recommendations. Qualified candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in education, early childhood, or an equivalent field. Certification is desirable, but not required. 

Personal Qualifications Required
All candidates must have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, and have a lifestyle that reflects surrender to the power of the Holy Spirit and intimacy with God.  Candidates will be individuals whose lives are depicted by a love for others, a love for students, and an inner desire to share their knowledge with others. Candidates must be committed to prayer and daily devotions as a way of life and be dedicated to sharing the gospel with their students and their student’s families.  
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