What People Say...

"One of the best things about growing up at Faith Baptist is that you are surrounded by a kind of second family. Watching my classmates grow mentally, spiritually, and physically with me has given me friendships that will last for the rest of my life. I wouldn't want to go to any other school." 
- Prior Twelfth-Grade Student

"The reason we sent our 1st child two years ago and forthcoming our 2nd child is the stellar academics that Faith Baptist has a reputation for. But the real clincher was attending the open house events to view the classroom projects and to meet the individual instructors. The event dramatically demonstrated where the Faith Baptist students were in their academic education. The Science projects just with the 1st grade students were spectacular and were way beyond our preconceptions of what that age group was capable of. My K-5 daughter’s reading and math skills are simply beyond those of her friends and family members of similar age who are non-Faith Baptist students." 
- Parent of Current Student

"When I give tours of our campus, I always mention that my husband and I left our family and moved across the country five years ago just to work at Faith Baptist. I want others to know how special this place is and that serving here is why we left our family and our home for California." 
- Current Staff Member

"We feel Faith Baptist has been a blessing since the day my daughter begun attending. The teachers and staff are all wonderful and bring out the best in our children. What a wonderful environment to have our daughter not only grow educationally, emotionally but also spiritually. I am confident that when she enters her classroom the morals that are taught at home are being reinforced in school. Thank you Faith Baptist for your continuous hard work." 
- Parent of Current Student 

"Our experience at Faith Baptist has been tremendous. Within one year of transferring to Faith Baptist I have seen our daughters math skills sky rocket. She has become confident in her abilities and no longer feels that she is “not good at math”. The teachers and staff are exceptional; always willing to help and very supportive. I know that my children are getting the education they need to meet and excel in all the challenges life will present to them." 
- Parent of Current Student

"One of my favorite memories from Faith Baptist is singing hymns in chapel and in church on Sundays...and here it is, 40 years later, and I still sing them...The message still touches my heart, and directs my life." 
- Faith Baptist Alumnus

"Your staff, faculty, and teachers consistently demonstrate love, commitment to academic excellence, and most importantly a commitment to God's Word... I see in the eyes of the teachers a love for the boys and girls, a passion for their souls that genuinely comes from their hearts.  Thank you for the valuable ministry you have to these new children." 
- Parent of Current Student

"As parents we have felt blessed and safe to have our four children be part of the Faith Baptist family... We, without a doubt, are very grateful to all the teachers that have had such a great impact in teaching and caring for our children."  
- Parent of Alumnus and Current Student

"Faith Baptist Schools provided me with a superior education... 
Faith Baptist provided me with the 
education that I needed in order to be prepared for college and now I am 
finishing graduate school with two Master's Degrees.  I am truly proud to be 
an alumnus of Faith Baptist Schools!" 
- Faith Baptist Alumnus

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