Elementary School Academics


The language of science is arithmetic; and as God created the universe with order, Faith Baptist Schools teaches in an orderly manner, building precept upon precept.  The primary objectives of our arithmetic program will be the following: first, to bring about an understanding of numbers and the number system; second, to bring about the complete mastery of basic mathematics skills; and third, to introduce algebraic and geometric concepts, which enables many of our seventh grade students to take Algebra I.


Science reading is an essential skill relevant to every phase of learning, we feel it is imperative to use the most successful methodology in our program. It is not unusual for many of our students to read two-to-six years above the national average.


Phonics is a vital part of any good reading program. Through phonics, a child is able to sound out more than eighty percent of the words in the English language, enabling him to quickly become an effective and independent reader.


We interpret this skill to mean the correct formation and spacing of letters as well as the ability to write stories and ideas effectively while using correct grammatical structure and proper spelling.


From insects and invertebrates to molecules and mass, students learn how man has classified and organized God’s creation.

History and Geography 

Students study United States, state, and world history and geography; and they learn how God uses men to accomplish His tasks. Children also come to realize individual responsibility and the importance of being a good citizen who participates in civic duties.


Speech class is an excellent confidence-building vehicle. Competitions, coaching, and frequent speeches help many of our students to become excellent public speakers.


Computer instruction in Microsoft Word, Internet usage, and interactive software is offered to third- through sixth-grade students.


Our spelling program is phonetically centered. All children first learn the consonant and vowel sounds, then blends, and specific rules that apply to thousands of words.  Instead of memorizing a list of fifteen to twenty words, our students are taught the spelling rules which enable them to spell thousands of words accurately. Once rules are learned, they are tested over approximately eighty words demonstrating the rules taught during the week. Consequently, there is little limitation in what most of our children can spell.  

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