Athletics at Faith Baptist Schools

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Athletics at Faith Baptist Schools:

Our gymnasium and multipurpose facility, together with an excellent staff, make a quality athletic program available to students in grades 4-6. Interscholastic competitive sports are offered for those who desire to participate. The athletic program provides your child with many opportunities, challenges, and rewards, and is only part of the extensive Christian training we provide.

Sports Offered:

Faith Baptist offers the following sports to students in grades 4-6:
  • Boys Baseball, Basketball, and Flag Football 
  • Girls Volleyball, Basketball, Cheerleading, and Soccer
The following sports are available to students in grades 7-8:
  • Boys Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, and Flag Football 
  • Girls Volleyball, Basketball, Cross Country, Cheerleading, and Softball
The following CIF sports are available to students in grades 9-12:
  • Boys Baseball, Basketball, and 8-Man Football 
  • Girls Volleyball, Basketball, Cheerleading, and Softball

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