Parent Volunteer Screening Form

Thank you for your willingness to serve as a volunteer at Faith Baptist Schools. Please fill out the screening form completely, taking care to answer each question truthfully and completely. All school volunteers are required to fill out this form annually. Upon receipt, the Administration Office will email you accordingly. Please contact your child's teacher directly and ask to be placed as a volunteer.   
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Personal Information
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If you have used other names, such as married or maiden names, please provide the names and dates of use:

Please list the children you have enrolled in Faith Baptist Schools:

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Background Information
Have you ever been convicted of or pled guilty to committing a crime involving the abuse or endangerment of children? *


Have you ever been, or are you currently, being investigated by a government agency for the abuse or endangerment of children? *
If yes, please explain.
Have you ever been, or are you currently, involved in any illegal or unethical financial dealings?  *
If yes, please explain. 
Have Have you ever been convicted of or pled guilty to a crime involving a drug-related charge, a crime of violence, theft, or criminal negligence? *
If yes, please explain.
Have you ever been sued for negligence with regard to caring for or supervising children? *
If yes, please explain. 

I hereby certify that the information I have provided on this application is true and complete. I authorize Faith Baptist Schools to verify the information I have provided on this application by conducting a criminal records check, or by other means, including contacting others whom I have not listed. Furthermore, I waive any rights I may have to confidentiality.

In consideration of the receipt and evaluation of this application by Faith Baptist Schools, I hereby release any individual, church, youth organization, charity, employer, reference, or any other person or organization, including record custodians, both collectively and individually, from any and all liability for damages of compliance or any attempts to comply, with this authorization.

Should my application be accepted, I agree to abide by and be bound by the policies and the moral and spiritual teachings of Faith Baptist and to refrain from unscriptural conduct in the performance of my duties on behalf of the school and its activities.

I have read this waiver and I am fully aware of its contents. by submitting this online form, I am electronically signing this consent freely and under no duress or coercion. I understand that any omission from or misinformation in the application may result in the rejection of my application or my dismissal from any volunteer position if I have already been given my position.

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